Charity Walk for Peace present Sutton Mental Health Foundation with £500.00 cheque

Sutton Mental Health Foundation cheque presentation 2019

Members of Charity Walk for Peace, an Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders charity initiative, collected and donated £500 to the staff of Sutton Mental Health Foundation (SMHF) on Friday 27th September 2019. 

SMHF is a supported charity of Rt Hon Tom Brake – MP for Carshalton and Wallington.

Members of Charity Walk for Peace were privileged to donate much needed funds to Sutton Mental Health Foundation. Senior staff members, Ovie Oboh (Operational Service Manager) and Carol Jacques (Peer Support Manager and Community Lead) were introduced to Mr Rafi Ahmad, Vice Chair of Charity Walk for Peace, and a thorough introduction to the amazing work of SMHF was shared.

Rt Hon Mr Tom Brake MP and the senior staff were then presented with a £500 cheque. Tom praised the efforts by members of AMEA and CWFP to raising the money for such a noble cause and thanked CWFP for their caring service to mankind. Sutton Mental Health Foundation (SMHF), support individuals from all the communities with mental health issues and provide them with a platform to meet and obtain guidance from within their facilities.

All the guests, members and staff were provided with a traditional fish & chips lunch. Rafi Ahmad assured SMHF that CWFP’s efforts to support their work would be ongoing and invited the staff to the forthcoming East Surrey Poppy Appeal Launch being hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association UK.



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