Our Mission

Our mission is to help society, to support charitable endeavours, to work to secure the common good, to demonstrate loyalty to country and nation, and to defend the dignity of mankind.

Our Projects

Our Projects

View some of our projects to help society and make a difference.

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Our Amazing Volunteers
what you can do

Our Amazing Volunteers

Read about the selfless volunteers who give their time to help those less fortunate.

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Getting Involved
Something Bigger

Getting Involved

Find out how you and your organisation get involved.

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Recent Projects

Homeless Feeding

We are involved in various regional and national homeless projects. Primarily we prepare food ourselves and distribute to various shelters.

Charity Walks

We have been organising charity walks for the past 28 years. In 2010 the walk was given a name Charity Walk for Peace to mirror our mission statement. 

What We Are Doing

We have a number of projects and events on the go at any one time.
Our primary focus is work with like-minded individuals and
organisations and help those in need.

Serving humanity requires that a person does not rest until he has solved the problems of others and takes the weight of their burdens onto his own shoulders. It requires that a person's heart is consumed by a love for others, whereby he cares not for his own comfort – but rather he cares only for the comfort of others.

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House of Commons Charity Reception

Read more about the Charity reception

Our Activites

Our volunteers are from all walks of life, young and old,
but have the passion to give their valuable time to our project and events.

News & Events

Give a helping hand to those who need it. Volunteers do not
necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.